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Rewind and Overhaul

JK Electric Motors Inc. has a great experienced and trained staff for rewind jobs. We do various kinds of rewinding jobs such as 3 phase, single phase motors and overhaul AC/DC motors of all ratings. We provide class H insulation, Pulse shield magnet wire and manufacturers' approved insulating varnish. With our experienced staff we will provide the highest level of service at a competitive price, with the best turnaround times possible.

A dedicated testing technician performs all final testing.

The latest in testing technology, the Phoenix ramps the voltage to the motor from Zero to 4160 volts.

The test center allows us to monitor vibration levels and bearing temperature levels along with the voltage applied and the amperage.

Rewind and Overhaul  
  Rewind and Overhaul
Rewind and Overhaul  
  Rewind and Overhaul

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